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Middle East Respiratory Virus - fighting back

Posted by admin on April 16, 2014

Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS) is a virus that is in the news, as news outlets need something to fill the space between advertisements. In the past it was Swine Flu, Bird Flu, ect. These are categorized as “zoonomic diseases”. Zoonomic diseases spread from non-human animals to humans. There are many zoonomic diseases but MERS seems to have a 40% mortality rate so it's the hot topic. Is it as big of a problem as TB? No. Can the same method be used to combat multiple respiratory diseases? Yes.

I've never seen a bird sneeze, but I suspect they do, and I do know that respiratory infections can be spread on tiny droplets from sneezing and inhaled by new hosts or land on surfaces and are touched by a host and introduced via the eyes, nose or mouth. This is why the CDC recommends hand washing as well as not sneezing on people. These are defensive measures.

An offensive approach is also needed. If certain pathogens spread by being aerosolized, why not fight them the same way? NAV-CO2 systems use alcohol and quaternary ammonia propelled by CO2 gas. The alcohol and quaternary ammonia work synergistic as a sanitizer and the CO2 is a propellant and a flame suppressant for the alcohol.

Well engineered NAV-CO2 systems like those sold and supported by United Sanitizing, perform like a “continuous long range sneeze” but the payload isn't a pathogen, it is a swirling vapor of sanitizer with a complete surface coating which dries in minutes without wiping. No waste, no wiping, no corrosion.

NAV-CO2 is different from other sprays because it can be sprayed on almost any surface without damage or residue. A invisible layer of quaternary ammonia provides a sustained sanitizing effect that outlasts alcohol alone. No wiping. Self-drying, and a person with minimal training can cover large areas completely and quickly. No-wiping means the labor does not get burned out before the sanitizing job is done.

Effective sanitizing chemistry has been available for a long time, so why then are infectious diseases a growing problem? Two reasons are economics and ergonomics. In use, applying sanitizer via NAV-CO2 saves about 60% of the sanitizer and about 85% of the labor. If sanitizing is cheap, fast, and effective – everyone would do it. With our systems, everyone can sanitize at a price they can afford.

By fighting MERS and SARS and TB via their own aerosolized method of transportation, we can make a important advance in animal and human health. 

www.unitedsanitizing.com has a NAV-CO2 system for every budget and operation. Visit now, there is a very practical solution for the MERS challenge. 


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If you have difficulty sleeping, it may be a symptom of sleep apnea. Lots of people deal with this condition every day, and it is often a problem that is quite unpleasant to manage. But the good news is that there are effective treatments out there. Read this article to learn some basic information about recognizing and treating sleep apnea.

Strengthen your throat and jaw with some basic exercises. Developing these muscles should reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. You can exercise your throat and jaw by simply pulling your tongue or practicing some very simple breathing exercises. The goal is to train you to breathe differently and hopefully make your sleep apnea disappear.

Try your best to lay off tobacco and nicotine products. Cigarette smoke can irritate your upper airway causing it to swell up, subsequently hindering your ability to breath during the night. Quitting smoking could therefore, significantly improve your sleep apnea symptoms and will also improve your body's overall health and your feelings of well-being.

Improve your sleep apnea by slimming down a bit. Recent research showed dramatic improvements in overweight men who shed 25 pounds over a period of one year to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. In some cases, the weight loss resulted in a cure of sleep apnea where no further treatment of the condition was necessary.

Understand the effects that smoking and drinking alcohol have on sleep apnea, if you are trying to get a grip on your quality of sleep. Smoking enlarges airways, while alcohol can relax them too much, both of which will contribute to the symptoms of sleep apnea severely. Consider making the necessary cut-backs that will cut down on your sleep problems.

If you think that you may have sleep apnea, set up a video of yourself as you sleep. Just be sure that the video recorder has sound capability. When you wake up, look at the video, and if it seems like something other than snoring is going on, it may be time to go to the doctor.

Consider an alternative sleep apnea flower remedy therapy (also known as essence therapy). Vervain is used in this treatment for its calming and relaxing effects. This can help treat your symptoms, including insomnia problems associated with your apnea. As an added bonus, it also helps reduce overall stress and lower high blood pressure.

You can reduce sleep apnea with exercises to strengthen throat muscles. Sleep apnea is often caused by the tissues in the throat, which can relax and collapse while you sleep. When your muscles strengthen, their chances of collapse and airway blockage go down.

If you are a trucker who has sleep apnea, take precautions to stay safe on the road. First of all, get yourself properly diagnosed and treated. If your doctor prescribes a CPAP, use it. They are small and easily portable and can run on battery power if necessary. Try to stay fit and get regular sleep to keep your condition under control.

As the above article has demonstrated, you have many different treatment methods available to you when it comes to sleep apnea. Everyone is different, and it's important to find out which treatment option will fit your specific situation best. If you use these tips, you will get better sleep at night. Sleep apnea doesn't have to run your life; you can take control back today.

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