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Sustainable Sanitizing the United Sanitizing Way

Posted by admin on January 22, 2014

Sustainability - United Sanitizing Style

Sustainability is a big buzzword these days. Some treat it like a novel, new concept. It is not. Prior to planned obsolescence, people expected their tools, clothing, and household items to be durable, functional, and reliable. America’s most iconic products embodied this ideal. The Boeing 747, the Waring Blender, Levis, The Willy's Jeep. At United Sanitizing we still embrace honest American value, but add the technical dimension, meaning that we combine what is trusted, known, and proven with modern technical advancements demanded by our customers.

Sustainability has to be more than good for the environment. Let’s be real for a second - you won't occupy the green moral high ground for very long if you are broke. Tell your kids that you were “green” before it was cool, but it was called “old-fashioned thriftiness”. It’s coming back into vogue. The Biomist sanitizing systems I sell have shiny, stainless steel cabinets so they can last for more than a decade of hard use, every day, without failure, and at seven years and counting, almost every single unit is operational. You break even in eight months but the savings will continue for years. That’s sustainable value.

Sustainability means using less and getting an equal or better result. So many people use trigger sprayers to apply alcohol based sanitizers. Hold one up to a light, spray it, and see how many heavy droplets fall out of the spray. What if I told you that 60% of the cost of the product goes right to the floor as waste?  This isn’t sustainable. It bad for the environment and bad for your bottom line. If you are sanitizing more than 4000 square feet per week, a full size spray system for alcohol sanitizers could save a quarter million U.S. dollars over a five year period, in product and labor just because of transfer efficiency and coverage rate. Not having a fire is the other key benefit. A smaller operation can achieve similar sustainable savings with our smaller systems.

Sustainability means good chemistry. We’ve heard about health officials in a panic about antibiotic resistance. The same overkill happens in industrial sanitizing. Very unnecessary applications of sanitizer are used to kill organisms that are not a threat. Some “Hospital Grade” sanitizing products contain sporicidal chemicals that only are needed if you are expecting a biological weapon attack or an uncommon hospital acquired infection. Those who peddle these wares for a living should do their customers a favor and take the time to match the chemistry with the target pathogen and the application, just like a good doctor would do with antibiotics.

Sustainability means being smart. Alcohol plus quat allows you to use less quaternary ammonia volume. Water plus quat based products must be a minimum of 200ppm but alcohol based sanitizers can be as low as 150ppm and still meet U.S. federal law. The quaternary compound is where the expense and environmental impact is. Smart consumers seek the product that does an equal or better job, dries faster and uses 25% less of the expensive ingredient.

So you used 60% less of a product that contains 25% less of the stuff you try to limit. It saved you a bundle and is much better for the environment and isn’t overkill for your requirements. It also did not corrode your production equipment, and you cut your downtime. That’s sustainable.


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